Course Title : Analog IC Design
Course Number: CMPE 447
Credits: 3.00
Instructor Dr. Ryan Robucci
Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering
University of Maryland Baltimore County
1000 Hilltop Circle
Baltimore, MD, 21250
Office: ITE 316 Office Hours: TBD
Phone: 410-455-3549
Syllabus: PDF


Date Event Description Assignments and Due Dates
Jan 27 Class Canceled - Weather
Feb 1 First Lecture Slides
Jan 25 Class Canceled - Weather
Feb 3 Lecture
Feb 8 Lecture
Feb 10 Lecture
Feb 11 HW 1 Assigned HW1 Assigned Google Drive
Feb 15 Class Canceled - Weather
Feb 17 Lecture MOSFET Modeling Slides
Feb 18 HW 1 Due HW 1 Due
Feb 22 Lecture Small Signal Modeling Slides
Feb 24 Lecture Single-Transistor Amplifier Slides
Feb 25 HW 2 Assigned HW2 Assigned Google Drive
Mar 3 HW 2 Due HW 2 Due
Feb 28
Lecture Cascode Slides
Lecture Current Mirrors Slides
Lecture Miller Effect Slides
April 6 Exam
April 8 Assignment HW4 Due

Reading and References

Provided Materials

Assignments (posted on google drive)

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